Circle 7 Development, LLC

About Circle 7 Development

Circle 7 Development, LLC is managed by Gary Coppedge, CEO.

Mr. Coppedge has over 25 years of development, construction, project management, and strategic planning experience. He has been President of International Business Connection, Ltd. Co., a strategic partner of Circle 7 Development, for over 15 years. At IBC, Mr. Coppedge specialized in strategic commercial expansion in over 16 countries for many US based and international Fortune 500 companies, managing projects ranging from $10mm to $1.5b USD and managing 200+ employees.

Circle 7 Development is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and is locally owned and operated, but provides in depth development expertise that has been proven in multiple US and international markets.

Through Circle 7ís sister company, International Business Connection, Ltd. Co., Circle 7 Development can provide strategic planning services, business development expertise, and a multitude of other strategic services that put Circle 7 Development on a level of its own for expert development and construction services.